League Information

With 36 holes, Pine View offers a great league atmosphere! Keep things fresh; with four 9’s, your league will only play the same 9 once every four weeks!

Green Fee: $12
Cart Fee: $7 per person

Pre-Pay Options

Prepay your greens fee for entire season. Your fee is determined by the number of weeks your league plays x $12 league greens fee.

  • For example: if your league plays 20 wks, your fee will be $240 (20 wks x $12). Payment is due in full on the second week of your league.

Pre-Pay Including Cart 

Fee would be the same as above for greens fee, plus the additional $6.00 per week for the cart ($1.00 savings off reg. fee).

  • For example: if your league plays 20 wks, then your fee would be $360 (20 wks x 12 = $240) + (20 wks x 6 = $120)  Total = $240 + $120 = $360. 

We know you want to play more golf, so all pre-pay league players will receive 4 nine-hole passes to use for open play on any day they choose! Treat some friends or use ‘em yourself! Bogey Bucks are back! Pre paying will also get you $20 in coupons for inside the bar and restaurant. We appreciate your business and support.

League players also have the option to pay their greens fee and cart fee each week.

Other Perks

All pre-paid “league members” will be allowed to play unlimited golf on the day of their league (cart extra) either before or after their league.You can also pay $50 extra when pre-paying for you league and become a 1-day member. Play as much as you like the day of your league for the length of your league. 

Learn More

Interested in bringing your league to Pine View?
We have open times on all days!
Are you looking for a league to join?
We have open leagues that are looking for extra teams! 

For more information or to reserve your spot call (269) 279-5131 OR send us an email at pineviewgc@gmail.com